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Monday, June 11, 2012

More Amazing Blogs You Might Have Missed OR Look, I'm Not Really Blogging, But I AM!

In my last unblog (that's sort of like an unbirthday, thank you Lewis Carrol) I mentioned some of my favorite blogs.  But also there's more!  More!  More!  More!

In The Stupidest Man Ever I systematically rip through a stranger's psyche for being too stupid to know where ham and bacon come from.  You might not believe it but this man was that dumb.  He's dumber than my daughter's moron cat.  I swear the cat just meowed at me in protest.  Perhaps he's not that stupid.  Naw.

But wait, I felt like maligning my daughter's pediatrician in The Mystery of the Funky Green Poop.  Well, the doctor did ask for it, so did the nurse for that matter.  But who can resist the title?  It's a mystery AND it's funky and green.  How can you go wrong with that?

And who can resist The Underwire Bra - Wonder or Horrific Implement of a Vindictive Man?  I don't care for the illustrations in this earlier (think stone age) blog, but the story is hilarious.  One day someone is going to die by underwire bra in one of my novels and you'll know exactly how I came up with the idea!

Finally, for your reading hilarity there's SUPER Deodorant Power! Or How Advertising Has Attained the Level of Ludicrosity!  I probably made up a word, but hell I make up all kinds of things so making up a word seems insignificant in comparison.

So while all you wonderful people are reading, or rereading as the case may be, these older blogs, and giggling your collective tushies off, I will be huddled in a corner sucking my thumb because my brain has imploded on account of the whole horrendous moving process.  (Wow.  Run on sentence and I wasn't even trying.)  Have fun!

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