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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Naked Pictures and Wild Life

This week, my guest, Mac, takes over the blog.  He's taking pity on me because of the moving debacle.  I enjoy his photos and his writings, so hopefully will you.
If you're an avid reader, you may care that I’m an author of character-driven SF/F/paranormals filled with quirky sorts who lug a lot of baggage, in worlds that aren’t that far out.
If you love nature, or photography in general, you may care that I have the photo addiction, and weekly post pictures I take during my outings. CL has generously invited me to share some of my favorites today. Stop by my blogs on Sunday evenings…I almost always have a new set. Please visit, leave a note. I love the company…I don't get out much.

There you'll find pix like these, in and around Tampa, Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay, the Hillsborough River, University of South Florida, and Tampa University:
 (hint: if you are not in a on a picture to drop into a higher resolution Lightbox of the galley)

-R. Mac Wheeler
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