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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey YOU! Yes YOU! Feed My Stinking Fish!

I know.  I'm in the no-blog zone.  But my fish need feeding.  My sister tells me that's the main reason she comes to look at my blog, to feed my fish.  Apparently the little fishies amuse her in a way that my sarcastic, literary style does not.  Also my MIL told me she reads my blog nowadays but she does not feed my fish.  I need to put a new gadget up.

Also a reminder.  I'm in the middle of moving.  My brain has pretty much packed itself up and went buh-bye.  I think it said something about the Bahamas and a drink called a Screaming Red Zombie.  (That's not related to a Screaming Blue Viking and you have to yell, "Brains!" when you drink it.  Believe it or not, Red Robin (YUM!) introduced me to the Screaming Red Zombie after I was forced to sit through a 3 hour dance recital in which our only daughter was on stage for a maximum of four minutes.  I think my butt is still stuck to that seat in the auditorium.)

Although I'm non-blogging, I seem to be blogging.  It's very strange.  I can't stop.

Anyhoo, my house is a disaster area, money is flowing out in a disproportional rate, and I can't find anything.  As I've said before, moving sucks.  The packers are coming tomorrow to do twisted things to our belongings.  I had to hide all the good stuff.

This is what I picture happening when they load up all of our crap.
Picture by Drew Francis.  See here.
That's all I've got for now.  I must go and chase down my daughter's moron cat and put his collar on him so that he'll be used to it for the long drive down there.  Wow.  What fun.  Me, HIM, my daughter, and the moron cat in an explorer for 12 to 14 hours.  Hahaha.  Wonder if I can stock up on straight-jackets early.


Linda said...

This is what you do. Tell the cat's vet you need cat-dose valium because you'll be cooped up in a car with a screaming cat for a very. long. time. Then YOU take the valium. That's how I survived a cross-country move with 3 wailing cats and a husband sound asleep most of the way. I drove. I took the valium. Nice ride.

Carwoo said...

I like that. I should take the valium. I don't know how the cat is going to react. He's never been on a road trip before. Should be loads of fun. Maybe I should fly down and let HIM take the kid and the cat.

Andsetinn said...

Your fishes mysteriously disappear when I look at your blog with my Android.

PS. Here is a fish joke that is so much better when you tell it rather than write it. What do you call fish without eyes? fsh. :)

Caren Bevill said...

Good joke. That's a groaaaaaaner.

Mitch said...

OK! OK! You yelled at me a week ago, and I've been doing what you asked. But I should tell you that by the time you get back, you are going to have some really FAT fish!

Caren Bevill said...

I'll put them on a diet. I'll cut down on their bytes. (Don't hate me for making such a bad joke.)

Sara said...

My only occasionally retarded cat (Wait, that's not P.C. Let me try that again...)

My only occasionally mentally-challenged cat watches and bts at the fish upside-down over the top of my netbook screen while I'm reading your blog.

Looking forward to hearing the travails of your travels once you're relocated!

Carwoo said...

Oh, you better believe I have blog material galore from the moving hell, er, process. I think it might be a three parter. The moron cat hid in his kitty carrier the whole trip and well, I'll save the rest for the blog.