Saturday, September 26, 2015

On Writing

This isn't exactly what I picture in my head, but it's not far off.
I just finished the first draft of Death Twitches, which is good.  I wanted to fall over with mental exhaustion, which isn't so good.  I wonder how some of the writers put out five and six books a year.  I have a writing buddy who writes two books AT THE SAME TIME.  That would probably cause me to have a psychotic episode.  (Now I'm going to have to message her and ask her how that works out for her because I can't not know.)
No, it's not available yet, but soon my
little reading aficionados.  Soon.
I just had to put this in here because I think
the cover is so cool.
The cover is by by the by.
The last three days I ate, slept, and lived in the manuscript.  I think I was so absorbed that a meteor hit the earth.  There might have been a Presidential assassination and I didn't notice.  Did Hilary Clinton win?
This kind of captures the moment.
People write me and ask when something or other is going to be done and I kind of giggle.  First I first started I could pop out four books a year.  Two full length novels and two novellas.  Now I'm down to two novels and a novella, and it's kind of stretching to say that was all in a 12 month period.  Everyone's got their favorites.  I'm sorry to say that I can't afford to write some of them.  If a book doesn't sell well, there's not much point in writing a sequel.  (That's disappointing.  I will finish some of my favorites whether they sell or not, because they ARE my favorites.)
This obviously doesn't show the moment directly after when the cat gets tired
of the mouse and eats him with a wet little crunch, which is exactly
the same as a crazy writer.  Exactly.
Anyway, next week is working my way through the draft, which involves sitting and reading and rereading all of my work.  I want everything to be tied up, unless there's a sequel planned.  I want people to say, "Oh, I get it."  I want all the readers to be happy.  (Of course, there are some who will never be happy with me.  Someone really hated the fact that I wrote The Life and Death of Bayou Billy and will never let me forget it.  Apparently I'm kind of twisted for writing that one.  Oh, well.)
Okay.  It had to be said.
Remember no matter where you go, there you are.

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