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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogs You Might of Missed OR Hey, Read This!

I was thinking, which usually gets me arrested, in trouble, or shunned, and it occurs to me that I've got tons of blogs and many of you might not have read some of them.  (Gasp!  How could you?)  Allow me to recommend my absolute favs, in no particular order.

Rats!  No, Really Rats! Or How I Will Always Hold it Against the Pest Control Guy.  Hey, the title speaks for itself.  We had rats.  We had cats.  We did not have Dr. Seuss or bats.  Hilarity ensued.

On Having a Daughter Or Don't Stare Luridly at My Child OR I Might be Oversensitive on This Issue.  What happens to my brain when some little male pipsqueak chats up my daughter with an offer of a "diamond."  Sarcastic hilarity (after the fact) ensued.

Him Had Surgery OR How This Day Got Progressively Weirder!  The adventures of Fat Woman and Pain in the Ass Man as they explore the wide wonderful world of surgery at a VA hospital.  After dealing with a GPS unit with a New Zealand accent and Washington DC traffic, the people at the VA seem really normal.  Not.  Hilarity ensued well after I got HIM home and had a drink.  (It might have been two drinks.)

The Origin of Zombies OR How We Must Never Drive Past Graveyards at Night.  Never let it be said that I don't listen to my daughter's stories about zombies.  Not only do I listen to them but I steal them for blog material, with proper acknowledgement, of course.

There.  That should keep you busy for about twenty minutes.

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