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Monday, October 8, 2012

Zombies attack Or Halloween Again! Also Winners of the Name Bubba Contest!

  We're gearing up to Halloween AND the season premiere of The Walking Dead.  What can I say?
So I started playing with animated gifs.  Who knew it could be so fun?

I luv zombies.

Zombie Attack Pictures, Images and Photos
Let's see if it works.

It does.  I'm so happy.  I could go eat some brains.
white zombie ~animated Pictures, Images and Photos
Now I'm just messing around.
Onto the winners.
First the runners-up.  If I list your names then make sure you email me at
with your correct email and the format you want your free copy of the fourth Bubba in. 
(B&N Nook, Amazon Kindle, or Smashwords of your choice.)
These will be sent out as soon as the novel is up and published, which looks like
it will be around Christmas.  (Ish.)
Let me just say that this was very hard to pick because there was so many good ones.
There were some that genuinely made me chuckle.
Thank everyone who made suggestions and thank you for being Bubba fans because I wouldn't be
writing if it wasn't for the people who take chances on indie authors.
In no particular order, the five runners-up:
Deb Pidcock Oakley for Bubba and a Passel of Cadavers
Carl M. Hames for Bubba and a Note of Mystery
Morgan Welch for Bubba and the Perplexing Pegramville Paradox
Donna Brown for Bubba and the Matter of the Mysterious Murder
Lioness at kookie1708 for Bubba's Murder Mystery Festival's Murder Mystery.
And the winner of the contest is:
Amy Douglas
Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note
Congratulations Amy!  I'll be sending you an email soon for your details.

Let's all do a happy dance.
happy dance gif Pictures, Images and Photos  


Ms.Amy said...

I certainly am doing a happy Dance..Thank you

Andsetinn said...

"Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note" is nice but how about, "Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Message".

Carwoo said...

There were so many great suggestions that my mind broke. But hey, it's good name and there were a lot of them that went with "note" in the title. But Amy's was the first one like hers that was suggested.