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Friday, October 26, 2012

Aimlessness OR When I Started This Blog I Had Nothing

So we've got spider webs and a graveyard in our front yard.  We've also got a fog machine and a dozen spiders with google eyes and sharp pointy teeth.  What does it all mean?

Yes, it's election time again.  Also Halloween.  But which one is really scarier?  I ask you.
Here's where I get to slam both nominees.  Haha.  I love the First Amendment.
Oh NO!  Fat Woman has her bamboo pad out and it could get ugly!
Someone should probably take it away from me.
But I can't leave Hilary out.
I'll tell you what is scariest.  We've got a mess of trees in our yard and the leaves have been falling for weeks and the trees don't look like they're even halfway done.  I'm not sure what we'll be doing with the leaves but it won't be pretty.  On the positive side we have woods behind our house and it's now a giant compost heap.  Will the neighbors blab on us?  I don't think so because they do the same thing.  In fact, the neighbors who blabbed on us about the tree house (Tree house I, we mourn ye) tromped across our yard to dump their crappy yard waste in the woods behind our house.  It makes me somewhat vindictive.

Tree house II is prepped for house building.  We are reusing the walls from Tree house I because I was too lazy to take the walls down before, which is serendipitous for us.  It is possible that we won't be able to use those walls because I tossed them from the platform while dismantling Tree house I, because I was ticked off that I had to dismantle Tree house I, which is part of the reason my back now hurts.  One day when Cressy is ready to graduate from college, we'll finish her tree house.

And finally, here's who should run for President:


Andsetinn said...

One kind of wonder in the sense of the system that gives you these candidates. Not to mention letting W. Bush win by minority of votes, or that he was re-elected.

Carwoo said...

Ah, our political system, ever so wonderful. Occasionally we have hiccoughs.