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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter OR Random Stuff OR How Many Eggs Did I Hide for the Kid?

Apparently you CANNOT put bunny ears on the cat without undue trauma.  My daughter's cat, Megaroy, is now hiding under the bed.  (Apparently he's not completely stupid, but I'm pretty sure there's a little empty space where the brain is supposed to be.)  Apparently the kid, my daughter, has decided that she will MAKE Megaroy love her by force-cuddling the cat.  (In a court of law, this would be considered harassment or stalking, but the cat doesn't have any legal recourse.)  The cat, who wants to escape but doesn't use claws or teeth on Cressy for some reason, puts up with it in a manner I find positively bizarre.  The cat has claws top and bottom and he knows how to use them.  However, he does not use them on her

Inspired by the EB's impending visit, Cressy wanted to share the love with Megaroy.  She got out her chocolate color plush named Chocolate Rose, for some strange reason.  (Remember my kid has a Bonsai tree named Bathtub.)  She forced the cat to cuddle with the plush.  Megaroy was less than enthused.  I was forced to get out the camera.  Also I was forced to put speech balloons in the photographs I took.  Obama was forced to- wait, what was I saying?

Well, I couldn't stop taking pictures.

It didn't matter how much the kid shoved the plush at the cat.  The cat just took it like a trouper.  This, of course, led me to consider what goes on in this cat's minuscule brain.  I shall illustrate.

There it is.  It looks a lot bigger here than it is in reality.  (HIM says the cat might have been lying back, thinking of England.  HIM is still ticked off about the blog about the contractor.  Hahaha.)

There ya go.  Happy Easter, ya'll.


jshanno21 said...

I can relate..we have a cat that bites me anytime I even look at it, but my five year old with "no animal boundaries" will hug, kiss and drag the cat around by its head and she does nothing. I very thankful for this as I know she is more than capable. Maybe cats have an innate sense of doing no harm to small girl children..maybe she is planning to take it out on me later. Either way, I'll take it. BTW, I love your Bubba books!!

Carwoo said...

The cat will get his revenge on me later. And this is why Bubba has a Bassett hound. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Just finished the second Bubba book; these books are fantastic! The "southern" is perfect-reads like one of my country florida neighbors was telling the story. Keep up the great work-can't wait to read more of your work. Sorry about your cat-that's why I have a dog.

Carwoo said...

Thanks Anonymous. It's okay about the cat. It's just more material for the blog.

Charolotte1 said...

As i said before, your blogs are keeping me entertained until another book comes out. I laughed until i cried over this one! YOU HAVE TO BE MY NEW BEST FRIEND!!!

Anonymous said...

Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, parrots - who do you prefer? Or perchance what that odd animals - snakes, crocodiles, lizards, monkeys?