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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hey Fat Woman Fans! OR Taking a Blogging Break Until January 15th OR Didn't Want You to Go Away Unhappy!

Okay, it's the shortest blog ever.  I'll tell a dirty joke.  You ready?  It's very dirty.

Two white horses fell in the mud.

See you in 2012 and (blow your noise makers here and also drink some cold duck) Happy New Year!

Okay, I couldn't find TWO white horses rolling in the mud, but
I think this illustrates my point.


Jo said...

I'll miss your posts, but will patiently await your return.

And I tried to drink cold duck but the damned thing was shivering so hard I put him down and he ran away. You owe me a drink.

Happy New Year!

Carwoo said...

Hey, don't they sell cold duck anymore. That was da bomb when I was sneaking sips from my mother's wine glass on New Year's Eve, 1977. Thanks, Jo.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Just finished Bubba and the Missing Woman (whew is all I will say here so I don't spoil anything) which I read immediately after finishing Bubba and the Twelve Deadly Days of Christmas.

Two Thumbs Up!

Have a blessed New Year!

Mac said...

Happy New Year to you too.

I wish you six barn burners for 2012.

|O) Mac

Carwoo said...

And to you all, as well!

Anonymous said...

This blog post gets a 2 thumbs way up from me.

Anonymous said...

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