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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bubba and the Missing Woman is AVAILABLE! OR How I Finished and Am Dancing Luridly in the Streets OR Be Ready When I Call for Bail Money

Hey, you!  Here's the description.  Go buy it on Amazon or Smashwords or BN.
Coming soon to all the rest.

Quite naturally, Bubba’s got another problem.  The woman he likes, a lot, is missing.  Folks ‘round Pegramville don’t have an inkling whether Bubba done did anything this time.  In fact, Bubba doesn’t know what to think, but he is plumb dedicated on finding Willodean Gray, through fair means or foul.  It will take a trip to the big city of Dallas, a run-in with an unstable superhero called The Purple Singapore Sling, a kidnapping by a Dallas crime lord, and a headlong hunt for a devious individual who snatched the fair Sheriff’s Deputy to figure out which end is up.  What Bubba comes to understand is not all the crazy folks live in the country.

Bubba’s on the edge and he’s goin’ hog-wild in a donut factory!
Book 3 of the Bubba series.

Here's where to click if you want it on Amazon.
Here's where to click if you want it on B&N.
Here's where to click if you want it on Smashwords.


Mac said...

Horray! Can't wait to post a link on my blog

Jo said...

Congratulations! (And I like your new look!)

Gotta run, gotta get to B&N...(the doody-heads)

traveen said...

Only $1.99? I would have tried for $2.00

Carwoo said...

I know. I thought about 2.99 but I thought I would scare people off, besides everyone wants a deal right now, right?

And Jo, gasp! B&N is starting to tick me off. Must email them tomorrow with complaints.

Anonymous said...

I love the books! I am already looking for the next one! Just thought I would let you know! Keep up the good work! Also, I definitely agree with the 2.99 thing I soooo would have paid it!