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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A New Bubba Book - Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas

Hey, guess what.  The second Bubba book is here and available on,, and  Coupons to come on my website,, for free copies so keep an eye out.
Here's the scoop:
Bubba Snoddy’s got some problems.  His family has descended for the Christmas holidays and not in a good way.  His cousin wants to own the Snoddy Mansion, decrepit, falling down columns, termites, wood rot and all and isn’t above using manipulative behavior to achieve his ends.  Miz Demetrice is up to nefarious and illegal activities while trying to entertain relatives.  His cousin’s ten year old son is the personification of a demon and has hobbies of looking at medical photographs, making stun guns from scratch, and causing havoc wherever he roams.  The woman of Bubba’s dreams, Deputy Willodean Gray, is still evading his romantic pursuits.  Patients from the local mental institute are wandering over the town, ostensibly assisting with the Christmas Festival thanks to a program established by the mayor to cut costs.  And Bubba has just found the dead body of a man dressed as Santa in the Christmas scene at City Hall.  Oh, Pegramville, Texas is just the best place to be at Christmas if a fella has a bullet proof vest and a linebacker’s helmet.  All the folks think Bubba might have done did it…again, even though it was proven that he didn’t done did it the first time, and Bubba has to move quickly in order to catch a murderer.   
It'll make you happier than a tick on a fat old hound black and tan or as happy as a pig in slop or my personal favorite, as happy as a two-peckered billy goat. 
And for my fans without a kindle or nook or ereader.  You can download the reader to your computer or an ap for them to your smart phone ifin you've a mind.  Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Hello. What better or ?

littleloota said...

I love the bubba books! Please dont leave this fat new egland'r hanging to find out out willodeann! For all that is holy in reading,, help!

Carwoo said...

New one out in November/December. Thanks for the kind words.