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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Ransom of Brownie

It started out as a nice day.  Then Brownie happened.  Watch out, Pegram County! 
Brownie has returned to the Snoddy Estate.  His mother is seven months pregnant, ordered to bed rest and in desperate need of Brownie-free time.  So off Brownie goes to visit the Texas Snoddys!  It’s the middle of November, he’s ten years old, and they’ve taken away his homemade Taser.  How much trouble could there possibly be?
Two men have decided to kidnap Brownie for the rumored Civil War gold the Snoddys reputedly have.  And that was their mistake, because no one with a brain in their head kidnaps Brownie Snoddy.
No one.
The Ransom of Brownie is book 4.5 in the Bubba series, taking place after Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note.  It is about 41,500 words long.
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Tanya said...

Yea, I just finished Mountain of Dreams, now I get a new Snoddy book to read!!!!!