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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Randomtivity OR The Fun of Making Up Words! Burflemork!

I have been lagging on blogs.  I will blame it on Martian invasions, massive cat hair balls, HI nonsense, and a cold.  Some of that might even be true.

I have had THE COLD THAT WON'T GO AWAY.  It lingers and lingers and I had to go to the store to buy cough syrup that cost $20.  Seriously, they have cough syrup that cost $20 for one bottle.  They keep it behind the pharmacy desk and make you show them your driver's license and then they scan your driver's license.  Then they sell it to you.  But hey it works very nicely.  On the down side they probably think I have a meth lab in my garage.  Hah.  The only thing I know about meth is what I learned from Breaking Bad and I'm pretty sure that the local meth dealers watch that show for giggles.
And of course, that meant that I had to go Googling for stuff.  Who wants to see Walter White playing with puppies and rainbows?

Anyway, my daughter's moron cat decided to afford me with immeasurable amounts of entertainment when he carried in a cockroach from the deck.  The moron cat thinks all prey must be captured and delivered to the humans, whether we like it or not.  We cut him out of the garage so he can't get any more mice so cockroaches are coming in an enthusiastic second.  He certainly doesn't want to eat it but hell yes, it's fun to watch it skitter around the living room and look what the fat human does!  She levitates into a chair and swings a fly swatter around.  Okay then HIM, who is my hero, takes care of business and the cockroach gets introduced to our sewage system.

It doesn't sound bad, right?  But the moron cat saw where the bug went.  He was determined to get his paws on it again and didn't mind that I had my droid handy.

How many pictures do you take of the cat hanging over the side of the toilet?  I mean, it's a first for me and I had to go with it.
I couldn't help myself.
This is why God invented autosketch programs.

You'd think I'd run out after a while, but no-oh.  People are throwing themselves in front of my droid.  I swear.  Here's an example.  I allowed HIM to take Cressy shopping and this is the hat she came back with.  (HIM sure as hell wasn't wearing one, so you know he knew better.)

It's the butt end of a turkey and she's wearing it on her head.  She likes it.  She's been wearing it all day.  I'm not sure exactly what to say.  But the image of Hector ringing his little bell comes to mind.
And you have to have watched the Breaking Bad scene where Gus Fring gets it to understand this, but hey, it works for me.  Better than another photo of the moron cat looking at the floating cockroach in the potty.

Well, one more.

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