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Friday, March 25, 2011

My First Poll Ever- Diana Ross Wins!

The first poll closed with a clear winner.  13 people voted on 'What animal would you be if you could pick on?'  7 voted to be Diana Ross, which shows the Supremes have never really lost popularity.  (And see, you can flip your lid, get arrested for DUI, hit a security officer in a London airport, and still manage to come back.  Lesson to Mel Gibson.)

Here's a pic of her not looking so hot.  (I looked and looked for her mug shot from when she was arrested but I could not find it.  But hey, if you want anyone else's mug shot, like Mel Gibson or Nick Nolte, looking basically stoned out of their gourds, you can find it.)

But out of fairness, I'll add one where she looks pretty great.

It was followed up by 3 votes for a leopard, 1 for a wombat, 1 for a hyena, and the pity vote for the weasel came from HIM because he felt sorry because no one else had voted for it.

Anyway check out the new poll.

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