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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Cat Clan Novella

Okay, here it is for those anxiously awaiting another segment of the Cat Clan:

Ula is a wolf shifter who was kidnapped from the northern woods of Manitoba.  Although she was freed from her captivity by the Cat Clan of Colorado, her sister is still missing.  In the frantic moments of the liberation of the weres, she encounters Killian, a cougar were and member of the Cat Clan of Colorado.

Killian has enjoyed his friends' recent entanglements and never thought he would meet his own mate in such desperate conditions.  He knows Ula is the one within minutes but she is urgently intent on finding out what happened to her beloved sister.

Their concurrent journeys lead them to Canada and Paris, where they will do battle to discover truths that might be too unspeakable to comprehend.

Crescent Moon is a novella of about 35,000 words.  It is intended as the third in the Cat Clan series.  The order is Harvest Moon, Blood Moon, and Crescent Moon.

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R. Mac Wheeler said...


I look forward to reading

(you have a double word, if you'd like to edit:

Although she was freed freed from her

Carwoo said...

Thanks Mac. You still in Texas?

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your books...just wondering will there be more Cat Clan books or is it a trilogy like The Moon Trilogy?