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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OMG, More Trash, er, I Mean Another Paranormal Suspense Novella!

Okay, paranormal fans here it is:

Available on B&N and Amazon.  Yea!

Oh, what's it about?
Sage Ingram has been changed to a werecougar against her will, kidnapped, and locked in Under, a magickal place with monstrous creatures so alarming, she’s shaking in her paws.

Per Forester, a Cat Clan Warrior, has just come back from another mission to find Emma Lucia, his clan’s Second, returned from being hunted by vicious humans.  She also has clothing belonging to Sage and as soon as Per scents the clothing, he knows he’s been hooked.

Caught in a sorcerous realm, Under, populated by beings out of nightmares, Per fights to find Sage before it’s too late and Sage battles to stay alive.

Blood Moon is the second Cat Clan novella.  It is a novella of about 31,500 words.


Mac said...


A sequel.

I'm excited.

Jo said...

Can't wait! Gotta go get!