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Monday, January 28, 2008

Definition of Fat

So much for diet no. 3. It folded like a hooker getting punched by a john. But it brought me to a question. What exactly is the definition of fat? Well, if you want to get scientific about it, it might be your BMI, body mass index, an index created by skinny people to feel superior over fat people. "See, Bill, your BMI is 3006 1/2. You're definitely fat. Ha. Ha." Once my husband said to me, and amazingly he's still among the living, "You're not fat. You're just overweight." One might think that after a decade or so I'd let him off the hook, but I'm taking that one to the grave, buddy-boy. God knows we have enough ways of saying someone is fat because it's all subjective. Fat is fat because someone else thinks someone is fat. Case in point: Supermodels. If you meet one in person you have to ask yourself if they eat more than a teaspoon of food every day. On the other hand, there are people who have trespassed into the four digit weight zone and need assistance to get out of their houses. Fortunately for me I've only got three digits going on and am no where close to even the middle end of that scenario. There are the two extremes. Most fat people probably fall into this circumstances.

How do you define fat? Unhealthy. And it all depends on the person. If a person has to take blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, and diabetic medication and they wouldn't if they lost some weight and exercised regularly, then they probably are fat. That would be me. There are other people who probably have a BMI that's considered fat, who don't take any medication, who are considered healthy by a licensed doctor, and I would say that they're not fat. Not really. If you're healthy you're okay.

And by the way, I'm voting for the fattest person running for president regardless of politics. Hah.

Go, fat woman.

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