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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Iron Moon: A Cat Clan Novella is Out!

Iron Moon: A Cat Clan Novella is now available!

Lena is a werecat from the Los Angeles Clan and is on the trail of Martinez, an evil shifter responsible for the kidnappings and deaths of other weres.  Lena travels a precarious path through the shadow realms of South America as she searches to bring Martinez to justice.  Yves, a wolf shifter, is also on the trail of something equally important.  The elusive scent of his mate has brought him to Peru, just in time to see Lena taken away into a dark pit of a world where females are a commodity and no one is really safe.  Together they will face their burgeoning attraction and the untold dangers of Ukhu Pacha, the underworld of ancient Inca gods.

A novella of about 36,000 words.

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