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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Myriad Stuff OR Myriad is Another Word for Lots

Warning: Author might randomly go off on a tangent.  Look, a squirrel.
It's Confessions of a Fat Woman so it has
a fat squirrel.  Go figure.
First off, it sucks that Longmire has been cancelled.  I want to know who got shot in the cliffhanger.  I want to call up Simon & Simon's guy and ask him if he knows.  I want to spit in A&E's general direction.  I generally don't want to do stuff like this but dammit, they didn't have to cancel after a cliffhanger.  Thffpt.
I couldn't find a funny Longmire meme, so I went with a cool one.
Wait.  I found one.  Wonder what people in Wyoming think of
Second, I've come to the conclusion that our household does not attract neurotic cats.  No, it's far more insidious.  Instead, the cats come to us normal and we make them neurotic.  That's why we have neurotic cats.  I think the new cat needs psychological help.  I think the old cat needs anger management therapy.  Telling the old cat, "Just use your indoor claws," doesn't work.  "Take a deep breath, Megaroy," doesn't work.  "The new cat is not a threat to your felininity," really doesn't work, plus I made up a word.  Somewhere there's probably a cat therapist who just said, "Oh."
Here kitt-ee, kitt-ee, kitt-ee.
This cat looks like he could chew through your arm.
Third, yes Bubba fans, I'm writing Bubba 6 or Bubba and the Ten Little Loonies.  It's happening.  I'm estimating around Christmas time for all the bubbaness to flow from me from my fingers down into the keyboard and onto the word processing program.  I'm not trying to be cute, but it's a little hard to do a series.  I want it to be right.  I want people to enjoy the book.  I don't want people to say, "It's just like all the rest," or "She has jumped the shark."  (I don't remember Fonzie jumping the shark, but hey, I don't think I watched that show that much.)
I haven't done a Bubba 6 cover yet, but
I found this one, which I need to look
up on because I have
to watch a movie called Bubba the Redneck Werewolf.
I just have to.
Fourth, squee, The Walking Dead is coming soon.  Squee.  Squee.  Squee.  In case you didn't know I love The Walking Dead.  I'm not sure why.  It's a little more grim than my usual fare.  But the zombie jokes I get to tell.  Whee.
Okay, this was lame.  But he kind of looks
like a zombie.  That would have been a better
title.  Zombie Hobo with a Shotgun.
Why don't they come to me for
Hollywood titles?
I kick ass in making up titles.
(Bubba and the Dead Woman, right?)

Fifth, Deadsville isn't selling that well.  I'm disappointed but it happens.  I'm not sure exactly where I went wrong.  I tried to write something that I thought would sell.  It didn't happen.  Therefore I've come to a decision.  I'm going to write what I like to write.  That's the joy of being an independent writer.  I get to do what I want and have fun doing it.  Like writing a blog about how we make cats neurotic.
End with a joke.  (You have to imagine the drum roll.)
There ya go.


Anonymous said...

yes, write what you like, you do that very well. when I saw that cover, I was going, " omg she's writing a Bubba shifter story!" (Linda)

Susan Turner said...

just finished Deadsville & loved it ! The people who haven't purchased it don't know what they are missing.

Anonymous said...

you MUST write at least 1 more Deadsville I want to see how she died.

Sara S. said...

Don't be discouraged, give people time to find Deadsville. There seems to have been a LOT of new releases out recently, so people maybe just haven't gotten that far yet. I know that several people in my book group picked it up and have been saying good things, so others have said they will be getting it too.

Meanwhile, just keep writing what you want to write. Your intelligence and natural sense of humor shines through in your books, and that's what your fans love about them!

RR said...

Bought Deadville. Waiting to finish book I am reading before I start. Figure I can take a weekend day to read it uninterupted.

Also, have to thank you. Use to love sci-fi stuff but got away from it. Mainly been reading Historical, true crime, and light hearted mysteries when my reading gets too heavy. Love quirky charachters like Bubba and his people, Billy Bayou. Well, I tried your Moon Trilogy. Loved it. Had to get the rest of your books. Have lots of reading to do. :-)

Anonymous said...

Please do not pull a Longmire on us and leave us with an unanswered Deadsville cliffhanger! Who killed her? Where exactly is she now? Will she move on? These are important questions!

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear enough about Deadsville. Don't know what it is about, didn't see any funny posts about it. Will go see it on amazon. (Linda)

Anonymous said...

I bought Deadsville the day it became available on B&N, but I'm in the middle of reading an eleven book series. I have read and enjoyed every book of yours that I've read but have not been conscientious about leaving good reviews - sorry. I know those are important. Thank you for all the good stories you've created for us C.L. VGaither