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Friday, September 12, 2014

Deadsville is Out!

Deadsville is Available!

Tavie has just died, but that isn’t the end of her existence.  Instead, she ends up “living” in Deadsville, where the dead play games, look for entertainment, and wonder when they will move on.  Reapers walk the streets occasionally, taking “deadies” who are ready to move on.  All of that’s normal until two deadies are murdered in a way that the residents of Deadsville have never seen before.  They need someone to figure it out before more bad stuff happens.  They need Tavie, that is, Detective Tavie, as she was known in the living world.  Tavie isn’t exactly happy about the promotion to Deadsville Sheriff.  She sees gods of the dead, people who died in bizarre ways, and is presented with a mystery that requires unusual creativity to solve it.  And that’s all before the dust settles from her arrival in the land of the dead.  Nothing in Deadsville is ever boring.

Deadsville – An Urban Fantasy/Mystery


Anonymous said...

Trying hard to read this book.... Having a difficult time, my cats bother me, walk all over me, think I should feed them, clean their messes, etc. So tonight I'm going to bed early to read! Do not tell my cats that I just want the time to read! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this book!