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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hunter's Moon is Out!

Now Available!
Hunter’s Moon: A Cat Clan Novella
By C.L. Bevill
It is a human world, but in the shadows lurk were creatures, witches, and dark magicks…
Claire Bennett has been captured and held prisoner by the Council, the sinister association that oversees the shifter population.  She is the wolf shifter daughter of Braydon Bennett, the Bloodletter, and the sworn enemy of the Council.
Shade is one of the Elite Guards of the Council and a werebear.  Once he believed in the righteousness of the Council; now he’s intent on bringing it down with the help of the Bloodletter.  Nevertheless, he’s just discovered that their latest prisoner is Claire, who just so happens to be his mate.
The question is what Shade will do in order to protect the female he’s fated to be with.  How much will he lie to himself?
This is a 42,000 word novella, approximately half the size of a full sized novel.  The order in which the Cat Clan Novellas should be read: Harvest Moon (Cat Clan Novella #1), Blood Moon (Cat Clan Novella #2), Crescent Moon (Cat Clan Novella #3), Hunter’s Moon (Cat Clan Novella #4)