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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Went OVER 100 K!

Yep.  Right there.  Sometime in the middle of the night.  I wasn't sitting at the computer to watch it.  Maybe I should have been.
I say always stick a picture of Hannibal Lecter in
your blog whenever you can.  He is watching you.
Not my counter, but you and maybe Jodie
Foster, too.
What does it really mean?  There's a philosophical argument lurking here.  It means approximately 100,000 clicks on the website.  I know some people are clicking on it once or twice a day, eagerly waiting for a new blog.  (T-shirt idea: "I went to Fat Woman's Blog and all I got was a lousy t-shirt.")  My sister said to me, "How does it feel to know that 100,000 (she might have said 1,000,000 at the time because I was under the mistaken interpretation that I was about to top a million because basically I couldn't count) people have looked at your blog?"  I believe my response was: "Meh." because it wasn't really a million, or even 100,000.  It's probably like 30 people who've looked at my blog 3,333.3333 times.
So I was looking for funny eyes watching pictures
and I found this one, which reminds me of watching
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad in the 70s.
For those of you of a certain age, who actually
saw this stinker (the Ray Harryhausen special
effects were worth the whole movie), there
was a girl in there with a tattoo of an eye
on her palm.  What does this have to do
with anything?  Well, I always wanted a tattoo
of an eye on my palm so I could
hook up with Sinbad.  (I was like ten years
old.)  (The Kali statue gave me nightmares.)
Ah, the momentous occasion of 100,000 visitors.  I'm not sure if I thought I would get there.  I like to blog.  (I like to hear myself talk, or rant as the case may be.  Did I tell you about the water heater dying and the propane gas people forgetting to turn off the bleeder valve?  No?  Let's say it involved me, the BBB, the fire department, certified mail, and a lawsuit in the making.  I get carried away sometimes.  And the blog is my relief valve.)  I do like to blog.  I get to talk about whatever.  It's usually funny shizz or stuff that's happening in my life that's funny.  (Mostly it isn't funny until I blog about it and then it's funny, because that's the way my mind works.)
Haha.  Cross-eyed Siamese cat.  We had two
of these for years.  The lesson learned: I will
never again own a Siamese cat.  Loud,
bitchy cats who are high maintenance.
The moron cat, while he's learned how to
garner attention by using his claws on my butt while
I'm sitting in the office chair, is much less
maintenance.  (Although claws in the butt certainly
doesn't make it sound that way.)
And I suppose I should just put a standard warning at the top, saying I will meander.  Sometimes I probably won't make sense.  Occasionally I'll take a rabid detour of epic proportion.  (Kind of like I did just now.  And before.  And before.)
So now I'm onto the Police.
I have this cassette tape someplace.
Anyhoo, I think what I should really do, is thank all the people who read the blog, occasionally comment, and generally keep coming back for more, no matter how silly I get.

Thank you!  I really appreciate your support and am always glad to hear from you.  Thank you!


Gill said...

Congrats! Isn't it just the coolest thing? I run a Facebook page for a cat rescue which hit 5000 likes this past weekend and I was just pumped with pride ��

Suzanne Gossett said...

I zoomed in on the cross-eyed siamese....even goofier(is there such a word?) lookin. I absolutely love your sense of humor, you story telling abilities, your blog, your books!!!! And yay for 100,000 hits!!! You deserve infinity and beyond!!! Thank you for all you do! I nearly busted a gut reading The Ransom for Brownie! All of your books are great! I have two or three left to read...maybe one bubba,Flight of the scarlet tanager, m for mascara and to finish bayou billy. Thank you for all you do, and I look forwward to many more I hope.