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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Minutia and Other Random Stuff

Warning: Fat Woman may use big words like minutia and minutiae and expect readers to understand them.  Ranting may be involved.  Subjects could be changed very quickly.

I just learned, just now, that the plural of minutia is minutiae, and I feel compelled to share it.  There you go.  With that in mind I found two memes relating to minutia.
I need this t-shirt.
Then here was a classic explanation of the difference between minutia and minutiae.  (There's an extra e in minutiae.  Also it's plural.  Just sayin'.)

Could not be simpler.

So now for an abrupt change of subjects.  Recently someone complained that...wait, I have to insert a spoiler alert here.

For anyone who hasn't read Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies, I will be making a reference to the plot of the same and I don't want anyone to say, "OMG, Caren, you totally spoiled it by making me read the blog before I read the book.  You wanker."  Or something like that.  So attention, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler.  If you haven't read Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies, and you desperately want to read Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies, but just haven't got the chance, DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT.
Spoiler for George R. R. Martin.
(Why does he have two middle names?)
See you did it anyway.

All right, recently someone complained that I skipped the whoopee scene between Bubba and Willodean.  There it is, in a nut shell, no pun intended.  They actually complained that I skipped the scene and what the hell was I thinking by doing so.

Consequently, I was thinking about the complaint.  In all honesty I think the Bubba series aren't the kind of books where a gratuitous scene should be included.  Furthermore I hate coming up with ten synonyms for the male member, (penis, tool, peter, phallus, Johnson, schlong, willy, wait I have to stop to laugh) and I've been known to giggle while writing such scenes.  Basically I don't usually write them.

I went looking for romantic memes and I found pulp fiction covers, which are almost as good.  (This counts as a change in the blog, but don't worry I'll get back to the other thing quickly.)
I love this cover.  I might have to go and read this
Anyway back to the complaint.  I decided that I would write the Bubba/Willodean love scene and post it on my blog.  Just for those critics.  Here it is:
Bubba looked into Willodean's eyes.  Willodean looked into Bubba's eyes.  The bedroom door shut.  Several minutes later, "WHOO HOO!" was heard. 

There you go.  That's as explicit as I'm going to get with that.  Just for that one complainer person.

But to make up for it, here's some more funky pulp fiction covers.
This looks newer but it's also really cool.
I love this one, too.  It doesn't get any more
succinct.  She wakes up screaming.
It's implicit.

Who doesn't like a jungle babe looking at a
great ape whipping men?

Seven bone chilling tales.  Seven.
And my favorite...

If you're going to have a radioactive redhead,
she should be a badass.  It goes without
saying, although I said it anyway.
All right.  Enough blathering.  Back to Bubba 6.


Wendy D'Ottavio said...

I would never complain about anything in the Bubba books. Those are some fun reading. No nudity needed. But if you ever decided to write a book with explicit scenes and mix it with dark humor like in your book Bayou Billy, that would be an awesome read. Just sayin'.

Suzanne Gossett said...

I'm with you on this, as well as the other commenter. Maybe complainer just wanted it recognized that there was a whoopie session. I have read the book and don't remember either way what was or wasn't said about whoopie. Like you stated those books aren't about that and to deviate from the layout of the book, no pun intended, could be hazardous.

Becky McKenna said...

LOL! Love your blogs. Just had to say that upfront.

I'm so glad you didn't write Bubba and Willodean's boinking session. In my mind, it adds to the mystery that "is" Bubba Snoddy. Seriously. I know that sounds lame, but that's my stand on the issue and I'm sticking to it. Glad to hear you're working on another Bubba installment! I'm dying for another dose of Pegramville silliness.

Robert Unger said...

That's exactly what I love about these books. There is no "one thing" that does or doesn't have to be in these books to make them enjoyable! They are simply a terrific and fun read. It would have spoiled it to HAVE to find out what happens behind closed doors with those two. It's so much better to let each individual reader imagine according to there own viewpoint on intimacy as to what happens. It's like a gift to the reader to have an author say" okay folks, here's where I take a break and let you do a little thinking on your own". Bravo CLB!