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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trippin' to Atlanta OR I'm Going to Caption Photos Again!

Because we don't have an Ikea in Huntsville, and Ikea charges inhuman shipping charges on their stuff, I was forced to drag the family to Atlanta, which has the nearest Ikea.  But then the whole entertainment thing kicked in and I had to come up with ideas of what else to do in Atlanta while we were there.  (As if Ikea wasn't enough.  Peasants.)

The first part of the trip was subjugating myself to the whim of Pain-in-the-Ass Man, otherwise known as HIM, the man to whom I'm married.  Pain, for short, cannot breath or exist if the car is not packed properly.  As this is a battle I shall never win, I let him.  It makes him feel good that all is dressed-right-dress in the back of the Ford.  (Marriage is all about these kind of concessions.) 
HIM, in a rare peaceful moment.
HIM has just packed the car
and HIM is feeling Nina Simone.
No meteors approaching Earth at the moment.
So after that arduous task was accomplished I took a photo to commemorate the moment.
All for two days.  Pillows, cooler, toolchest,
luggage.  I'm surprised Jimmy Hoffa wasn't back
Early in the morning we set off to Atlanta.  It was a three hour drive, not unlike a three hour tour and a cheap shot at Gilligan's Island.  (I think it should have been Mary Ann's Island.  Also she should have hooked up with the Professor.)

Passing lots and lots of kudzu, otherwise known as the plant that's slowly taking over Georgia, we finally made it to Atlanta.  (2 hours ad 46 minutes according to my new Garmin.)  Our first stop was Legoland, or the place that was guaranteed to give me a friggin' headache.  Legoland is clever enough to have put themselves into a high end mall.  While walking through the mall to Legoland, we had to stop to commemorate more moments.  I call these shots, Cressy standing next to places that I shall never shop in.
Not sure of the name of the store but it
had a giant Swarovski crystal covered
cheeseburger in the window.
It might not have been edible,
but it looked fab-u-lous.
What you don't see is the two
clerks in Versace glaring at us
because we took a pic and didn't
come in to drop big bucks
on their crap.  But hey, I got
the shot.
After trudging through the mall, there it was.  All primary colors blaring at us, letting us know not only had we survived the trip to Atlanta, the walk through the high end mall, but we had made it to LEGOLAND, home of little plastic bricks that will kill you if you step on them in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom.

I'll tell you that Batman looks a lot bigger on the silver
screen.  Also I just noticed this is
Legoland Discovery Center,
not plain ol' Legoland.
I bet Legoland thinks the addition of
"Discovery Center" makes parents more
likely to bring their children here.
Haha.  We didn't even notice the
discovery part until after we were done.

I'll warn everyone now that I took a lot
of photos with Cressy posing.  Just saying.
I'm not sure who the Lego critter was,
but it was life-sized and Cressy liked it.
This is really a shot of all the Lego stuff
we shall never build.
Cressy enjoying all the bright lights
that Legoland had to have
in its place to make all the little
children happy.
I liked the shot with the colored lights on her.

The one "ride" in Legoland that involved
Lego targets and Lego villains
and occasionally each other.
There was a four-D movie that involved
shaking, buzzing seats, and rain.
Finally it did, in fact, snow.
I tried to snooze but the seat kept waking me up.
After the Legoland experience from whence few women remain sane, we went to the hotel and saw a hawk.  We also experienced the pool because you cannot go to a hotel with a pool and a ten-year-old and not use it.  Cressy was not impressed.  There wasn't a slide.

Coming soon - Part 2 of the Atlanta trippin' or how I took too many pictures for one blog.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


six hours of driving to shop?


QoE said...

I acted as an adult chaperone for one of my friends when she was in college and wanted to go to Atlanta for the weekend. I'm ten years older, so I got to play responsible adult. We spent two days roaming Phipps and Lenox. I thought they would think it was cool to see Armani, Versace, etc, and just to go to stored we didn't have at home like Urban Outfitters and Bloomingdales. But no, they were all ... Oh, look, there's a sale at The Gap. The Gap?! Really. I refused to partake of such nonsense. My time was wisely spend annoying the snooty sales people in the stores that I will NEVER be able to afford to shop in. It was delightful. I mean, fine, you work at Bloomingdales. That still makes you a clerk at a department store. Get over yourself.