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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stuff OR An Asparagus Related Blog

Today I was thinking about writing a blog about writing a blog.  Then I relented and thought about writing a blog about my daughter's moron cat.  Then I thought about writing a blog about the fact that it's raining cats and dogs outside.  Then I wanted to write a blog about the fact that my husband won't try a piece of  asparagus because he has determined that asparagus is yucky poo and yet he tells our only child that she must chew and swallow at least one bite of new foods.  (Somewhere HIM is getting antsy because he heard the A word.)  So I did.
Who knew there's an asparagus festival in
This is probably the asparagus queen.
So I'm probably going to make fun of HIM for the remainder of this blog.  Why?  It's funny to me and it's my blog.

Of course, this is always fun, playing with autosketch and photographs.

Of course, it may not end for awhile.
Not sure where I was going with this.
I thought a flying asparagus was funny.
Maybe it's the muscle relaxers.
It turns out I have lots of photographs I can use for this theme.  (This is something that will probably haunt HIM forever.)

Just for a conversational difference, I'll insert something different.
There's something very funny about these asparagi or is it asparaguses?
But back to the theme of today's blog.  (It's "Asparagus is our funny but nutritional friend."  OR it's "How much can I tease HIM with pictures of asparagus inserted into pictures with him?")

Okay I think I'm almost all tapped out.  Whoops.  One more.
Baby got asparagus.

Okay, one more.

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