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Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Sunday Afternoon OR I am Bored, Bored, Bored!

Things to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon:

1.  Toilet flush.  This does not mean flush the toilet until you're bored with it.  This is a game invented by Cressy, our 9 year old daughter, or invented by kids at her school.  (I'm not sure I really want to know.)  One person is it.  The other people run like hell.  If one is tagged, one has to freeze until someone comes along and "flushes" your hand.  Lots of screaming, shrieking, running away, and panting heavily are involved.

2.  Cooties.  This game is a lot like toilet flush except one is it and has cooties.  Then one gives the cooties to other people by tagging them.  Then the one with the cooties has to chase the others until cooties are transferred.  Cressy's cat, Megaroy, was tagged several times.  He did not understand the concept of "cooties."  In fact, he thought he should watch us all from the stairs and then proceeded to lick his butt.  Oh, the excitement of the Fat Woman's house.  (I was looking for cootie related pictures to steal/copy/appropriate and found there was a military order of the cootie.  I am not making this up.  See here.)

3.  Watch Finian's Rainbow.  I made everyone watch the DVD.  I don't care if they don't like musicals.  I wanted dancing Fred Astaire.  I wanted to quote Og when he leers, "Fairy land was never like this."  I wanted to see Og singing about if you can't have the girl you love, then love the girl you're with.  I made the cat watch.  (Petulia Clark really can't act.  But she can sing.)  (Go watch it.  You know you want to.)

4.  Watch HIM play with his rocket.  (This isn't really dirty.  HIM was testing his rockets.  I even filmed it.)

5.  Name top ten movies of all time.  We spent ten minutes arguing over whether or not trilogies counted as one or three.  (Jaws is still my favorite.)

6.  Try not to think about penguins for twenty minutes.  (Can't do it.)
Moron Cat has conquered Old Green.
7.  Wander around taking inane pictures of the moron cat.  (I didn't do it.  It was totally Cressy.)

8.  Compute how many variations of drinks Sonic really can do.  (I gave up after three minutes.)

9.  Pretend you're a robot.  (Good for about 2.5 minutes.)

10.  Stare outside at squirrels who are sitting in your Adirondack chairs.  (Good for about 60 seconds or until the squirrel runs away.
11.  Write a blog.  (Good for thirty minutes.)

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Tammy Theriault said...

This is hilarious! I found you!! Newest follower!