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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Random Stuff OR What the Hey-Hey, I'm Going to Write in a Meandering Fashion

Let's see.  I just finished my draft of a Bayou Moon sequel.  I actually wrote it right after Bayou Moon, so I had to update some of the references.  I try to avoid using references nowadays, but they seem to pop in regardless.  (If I mention the President or someone in the news recently or some event like the Gulf War, which is what I did in this book, then it really dates it, unless it needs to be dated, in which case it's called a historical novel, and mine aren't.  Mostly they aren't.)  Anyway, Crimson Bayou should be out in a few months or so.  So yeaness.  I need to write a trailer for it so I can post it on the website and etc.

Also, Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note is on track.  The proofreading/editing Goddess of the Universe is working out all of my errors or at least 98% of them.  Then when correcting my boo-boos I usually add in a booboo.  (I hit the m key instead of the comma key, so that looks a little strange, and I do that a lot.)

Veiled Eyes has been updated, so if you want the new, improved copy wait until Thanksgiving and prompt B&N or Amazon or Smashwords into giving you the new version.

I have been buzay.

The first three Bubbas are available on Amazon in paperback.  (I am not happy with the prices.  Createspace does not make it easy to make it a reasonable price.  I will apologize only once.)  If you can't live without Bubba in large (6x9) paperback, go here for Bubba and the Dead Woman.  Go here for Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas.  Go here for Bubba and the Missing Woman.  What a great Christmas gift for a Bubba-deserving individual.  A set of three.  Look for Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note in print soon after the ebook is released.

In other news, my back sucks.  I need muscle relaxers and the doctor said to take ibuprofen, which normally I would say, "Great!  Ibuprofen works wonders for that pesky time of the month, but wait, it's the pinched nerve in my back and not my period, dumbass."  But what I said was, "Okay," because medical doctors intimidate me and he'll only say something about how skinny people never have back problems.  Hahaha.  Skinny people have back problems.  Let me get off my high fat horse.  (I'm suddenly inspired to do a drawing.)

Tree house II is taking its toll.  It's got a roof with shingles.  Now we're doing the walls.  We cutting out the siding and painting it before it goes up.  (I know.  It sounds backasswards, but it's working for us.)  In the meantime our only child is mentally designing her girl cave.  (Her: "Mommy, it shall have a small round table.  Four chairs.  A hammock.  A toy box.  Posters on the wall."  Me: "Cressy, it's only four feet by four feet."  Her: "It will fit, Mommy.  Trust me."  Me: "Sure, baby.")
Note the shingles on the roof.
They were a shingley pain in the tuckus.
I now have compassion for roofers
Here is a picture of the walls we're painting.  Yes, the color is this plumish red.  Wait until you see the trim.  It's purple.  And I mean, it's frickin' PURPLE!  However the door will be pink.  Bright, Pepto-Bismol pink.  It's so pink that the astronuts in the International Space Station will be going, "Damn, that's pink."
When the neighbors peer through the brush
to see what we're doing, they won't be able
to miss it.
Off to soak in the bathtub and contemplate my latest literary masterpiece.


su said...

love the plum tree house with the pink door. will just "shine" out amongst the trees. we have an ORANGE HOUSE. note to self, DO NOT let a 5 yr old pick out your paint !!. really, it is nice. clay colored brick with orange trim. however, the car was once orange also. my him traded for a blue one. and didn't understand the need to match or at least be complimentry colors.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

I can relate to back pain. I cramped up something awful on yesterday's safari (did you see my pictures? Did you click Like?)

I don't think I've recovered from my heat stroke in September.

Damn, it sucks getting old.

Oh...yeah...excited about the new stuff. Congrats.

--Your fav fan

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